Należymy do IPA HAUS oraz MKSM

The Kaukaska Hotel restaurant is able to cater for up to 180 people. We organize huge balls, integration meetings, wedding parties as well as small family gatherings.

The word "splendid" only partially characterizes the quality of our food. It is a journey through the world of scents and tastes, a pleasure to all senses, always leaving the time for a while spent with a glass of line wine .

If you appreciate good cuisine we can invite you to our fish bar, the only in Wolsztyn, where a welcoming service is combined with a choice of fish fried at your order.

Eight kilometres from Wolsztyn on the Wolsztyn-Zielona Góra road we are also to cater for the tired motorists in the unforgettable "Baszta" bar , with a cup of hot coffee and always fresh hot dishes.